Below are the rules and regulations that must be followed by members living in our facilities, and their guests.

  1. The member shall at all times exercise care for the safety of others.

  2. Flammable liquids in quantities greater than one gallon may not be stored in the member's home.

  3. Combustible materials may not be accumulated and stored in such a way as to create a fire hazard.

  4. It is the member's responsibility to test smoke alarms and heat detectors regularly and report any malfunction to the Co-op.
  1. Members will refrain from creating unnecessary noise at all times, but particularly after 11:00 p.m.

  2. It is the responsibility of members to exercise control over the activities of their children in respect to the right of neighbors to quiet privacy.
  1. Members are expected to keep the interior of their home reasonably clean and tidy.

  2. It is recognized that pest infestation can occur even in well kept homes. Where such infestation occurs, members shall take, at their own expense, such remedial measures as may be necessary.

  3. Garbage shall be securely tied in plastic bags and deposited in the garbage hut.

  4. Garbage huts must be kept clean and odorless.
  1. The Co-op will ensure that enough parking spaces are designated to correspondwith the number of units

  2. A member is only guaranteed one parking space with an outlet.  If available, and upon request and additional parking space will be assigned to a maximum of two spaces per unit.

  3. Only vehicles registered with the Co-op will be allowed to park in designated spaces. The Co-op will provide parking stickers featuring a designated number for members vehicles.

  4. Only passenger vehicles will be assigned parking stalls.  No campers, boats, motor homes, and no trucks over 2400 kg.  Exception will be made for short term visitors with parking permits.

  5. In locations where powered outlets are provided by the Co-op, members should avoid unnecessary use of electricity.  Under no circumstances should vehicles be plugged in when the temperature rises above "0" degrees.

  6. A fee of  $15 per month per stall will be charged for all stalls. Subject to review at General Membership meetings.

  7. Unlicensed vehicles or derelict vehicles or inoperable vehicles may not be stored or parked within the Co-op.

  8. Vehicles leaking oil or other solvent fluids may not be parked on paved surfaces of the Co-op.  Mechanical work which may involve spillage of such fluids may not be performed on paved parking areas.

  9. During winter months, vehicles must be able to be moved on short notice for purpose of snow removal.  Failure to move the vehicles shall result in their being towed away at the owner's expense.

  10. Vehicles may not be parked in such a way as to block or impede passage of other vehicles or to deny access of a member to his assigned space.  The member must park in their designated parking space(s).

  11. Improperly parked vehicles, derelict or unlicensed vehicles, may be towed away at the owner's expense on the order of a Board Member or Staff Member if, after reasonable effort, the owner cannot be reached, or if reached, refuses to remove the vehicle.

  12.  Visitor's parking is just for visitors, NOT MEMBERS.

Any act of vandalism, theft or malicious mischief perpetrated by the member or a member of his/her household or guest, against the Co-op or other resident(s) shall be grounds for immediate termination of the member's housing agreement as well as prosecution to the full extent of the law.

Illegal activity or illicit trade carried on by a member or guest within the Co-op shall be grounds for termination of the member's housing agreement.

(NOTE: Where the word MEMBER is used, it also refers to the members of the household, guests and visitors.)


Housing maintenance is the responsibility of every householder whether they do the work themself, hire a contractor or pay for it through additional housing charges.

This policy is designed to consider the member as a homeowner by placing much of the responsibility for ordinary upkeep directly with them.  At the same time, the Co-op offers the opportunity for volunteer co-operation between members or for experienced service from maintenance staff at a moderate fee.

The policy is also designed to relieve the members as a whole of the expense incurred by the few who misuse and abuse the property and to minimize the loss of revenue incurred when a house is vacated in a condition unfit for re-occupancy.

  1. Upkeep By Members:  It is the responsibility of the member to maintain his assigned house in good condition at all times and upon vacating the house to assure that it is clean and in good repair and suitable for re-occupancy.

  2. Damages By Members: The member shall be responsible for all damages to co-op property arising out of accident, negligence, or abuse by themself, members of their household, guests, and/or visitors.

  3. Replacement By Co-op: Except where otherwise specified, the co-op shall, at its discretion, replace or repair any equipment of the co-op which is faulty or damaged through normal wear and tear at no expense to the member.

  4. Common Areas: Except where otherwise specified, the co-op shall maintain and provide service to areas which are common to the members.  That no outbuildings (including dog houses) be allowed in Superior View.  Clotheslines including the permanent umbrella type must have board approval before being installed.

  5. Fees: Fees for service by maintenance staff shall be according to a scale set from time to time by the directors plus the actual cost of materials if any.  Where outside contractors are used, the fee shall be the actual cost of any labour or material.

  6. Waiver of Fee:  The Co-op, at its discretion, may waive all or any part of a chargeable fee due to extenuating circumstances or where the personal situation of a member so warrants.


  1. Painting - Interior: The member shall repaint their unit when required, but generally not less than every four years.  The Co-op shall supply sufficient paint for the entire unit in approved colours.  Maximum paint is four gallons.  The member may elect to have the painting done by the Co-op at a cost set out in a schedule of fees established from time to time by the directors.  A member leaving the co-op is required to repaint his unit or pay 25% of the scheduled fee for each year of residency, except, that, at the discretion of the co-op, credit may be given for parts of the house recently painted. The work must be of quality acceptable to the co-op.  Any touch or clean up required will be charged to the member.  The co-op will supply drop sheets and ladders to members upon request.

  2. Wallpaper:  The member may apply dry-strippable wallpaper but if at the time of move out it is found NOT to be acceptable, the member will be required to remove such wallpaper and repaint.

  3.  Attachments & Decorations:  Decals, plaques or any objects which the member may glue, nail or otherwise attach to the walls or ceilings must be removed at the time of move out and the surface repaired and repainted at the member's expense.

  4. Second Cable / Telephone Installation:  Telephone jacks and extra plug-ins are allowed subject to the member accepting responsibility for repairing, to the Co-ops satisfaction, any damage caused by such plug-ins.  Thunder Bay Telephone / Shaw Cable require a letter from the office before any additional plug is installed.

  5. Floor Coverings: The member is responsible for damage to floor coverings caused by accident or abuse.  Caster cups should be used to protect against damage by heavy pieces of furniture.  Carpets installed by the member must have underlay.  Wall to wall carpeting, fastened to the floor may NOT be installed without permission of the Co-op. Such installation becomes the property of the Co-op.  Carpeting installed by the Co-op will be replaced with vinyl, at the Co-op's discretion.

  6. Hallway Maintenance:  That members living on the second floor of ALL buildings will be expected to take turns in the weekly cleaning of the stairwells, corridors and hallway carpets.  Cleaning supplies will be supplied by the Co-op. Building #110:  That the upstairs members of Building #110 Castlegreen Drive will be responsible for maintaining the upstairs corridor on a rotating basis.  The entrance and main floor corridor will continue to be maintained by the Co-op.

  7. Hardware:  Members are expected to do small repairs or replacements themselves, if they are able.  If not, help is usually available through the office.  Parts and materials can be obtained through the co-op at cost.  If the co-op is called upon for such work, the member will be required to pay a fee according to the current schedule.

  8. Appliances:  Appliances which are the property of the Co-op will be serviced by the Co-op.  Members should become thoroughly familiar with the appliance manuals so as to avoid unnecessary calls due to mis-operation.  Service costs due to mis-operation or abuse will be charged back to the member.  To defrost the freezer portion of the fridge, please refer to the manual.

  9. Plumbing: Plumbing repairs in general are the responsibility of the coop.  If a member is able to change a leaky tap washer, he is urged to do so.  Otherwise, leaks and dripping faucets should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Co-op. Notice: Please shut off the washing machine taps in behind the washer after use!! If you do not, you will notice hot water in strange places, or you may notice a shortage of hot water!! If a clogged drain or toilet cannot be relieved with a plunger, the member should call the office.  A service fee will be charged for such a repair.  Where common drains become plugged and the responsible person cannot be identified, the cost of repairs shall be shared equally by all.

  10. Electrical:  Electrical repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the Co-op.  Any additions or alterations to the electrical circuits must receive prior approval of the Co-op and the respective licensing department.  Any fees required for the licensing or inspection would also be the responsibility of the member.

  11. Lawns:  Members are responsible for lawn maintenance in the immediate areas of their units if applicable.  Large open areas will be tended to by the Co-op.  Grass seed and lawn fertilizer is available to members on request.

  12. Snow Clearing:  Snow clearing of steps and sidewalks is the responsibility of the member.  After a snowfall, the centre lanes of parking lots will be cleared of snow to allow cars to exit.  Cars should then be removed from the lots to allow more thorough clearing.  Where cars are not removed, it will be the owner's responsibility to clear the snow which the plow cannot reach.

  13. Garbage:  Cleaning of the garbage sheds is the responsibility of the members residing in the building which the shed is used for.  Garbage must be properly tied in large, green plastic bags (66 cm X 91 cm).  Recycling bags must be deposited the night before pick up to ensure that they are picked up.  Please deposit the recycling bags beside the garbage hut.

  14. Move In Inspection:  A memorandum of agreement can be obtained from the office. This form provides the new member moving into a unit the opportunity to sign a Deficiency and Non-Standard Alterations form.  This form is included in the package and must be returned to the office within 30 days of move in.  Failure to return this form to the office will result in accepting the last move out inspection done by the office to be correct.

  15. Move Out Inspections:  The Co-op expects that a member vacating a unit will leave it in a condition ready for re-occupancy without cost to the co-op.  Members are required to give two (2) months plus 5 days notice.  This must be received in the office 5 days before the end of the month, leaving the office staff with a full two months for the next move-in.  Within 5 days of move-out, the co-op will inspect the unit and provide the member with a list of any repairs required to bring the unit to a reasonable standard of re-occupancy. It is the member's responsibility to contact the office with a date and time for inspection.  The unit will be rechecked on move out day.  Any repairs required to be done including the re-doing of any improperly completed work will be charged to the member along with the cost of any cleaning required.  These funds may be taken from the members loan certificate before reimbursement.

  16. Annual Unit Inspections:  Each unit may be inspected annually by the Co-op. The Co-op will arrange a suitable time with the member.  Upon completion of the inspection, the co-op will give the member a list of any items requiring repair.  Any evidence of extreme misuse or abuse of the premises will be brought to the attention of the Co-op.


The Co-operative provides housing for its members at cost.  It is the responsibility of the member to pay his or her fair share of the costs for mortgage payments, upkeep, administration, etc. as determined at a general meeting.  The payments should be made promptly as they become due.


  1. Housing charges are payable monthly, in advance, on the first working day of each month. Pre-authorized withdrawal is required.

  2. Arrears are any amounts owed to the co-op that have not been received when due.


A committee has been established in order to handle all arrears.  The office can not accept non-payment without an approved "Proposal for Establishing a Schedule For Payment of Arrears" form.  This form can be obtained from the office, and a meeting date can be arranged in order to meet with the committee. Please note that a cheque dated after the first of the month to pay housing charges/parking/etc. is not an acceptable form of payment for arrears without prior approval from this committee.


  1. Reminders will be sent by the Co-ordinator to each household that is in arrears on the third day of each month.

  2. On the fifth day of the month, the Co-ordinator will send a notice from the Arrears Committee asking for payment, or asking for a date and time to discuss the situation with the Committee.

  3. Failure to comply with the above will result in a scheduled meeting with the Arrears Committee. Failure to appear in person or by agent will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for handling.


  1. If a member in arrears has contacted the Arrears Committee and has completed a schedule for payment of arrears, it will be brought forward for discussion at the next Arrears Committee Meeting.  If accepted, the member will be notified by the Co-ordinator within two (2) days of the meeting and payment will begin as stated in the form.

  2. Where a member has not made any arrangements to pay arrears, the Arrears Committee will contact the member and arrange a date and time to meet to discuss the situation.

  3. Where a member has made arrangements with the Arrears Committee to pay arrears, and where the conditions of payment are not being met, the member will be asked to an Arrears Meeting.  Failure to appear in person or by agent will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for handling.


Payments received after the first working day of the month are subject to a late payment charge.  No charge will be levied for the first offense, however, the second offense will cost the member $25.00. Occupancy rights may be terminated by the Board of Directors for repeated late payments.


If a member's cheque is returned to the Co-operative by a bank or credit union, the member shall be required to pay a service charge of $25.00 for non-sufficient funds. In addition, the member shall be treated as though he/she is in arrears (including late payment charges if applicable) until such time as the cheque is replaced by a proper payment. Further action may be considered by the Board of Directors for repeated offenses.  (Eg. A certified cheque or money order may be required for all payments if a member's payment is returned more than once a year or more than three (3) times during the term of their membership).


  1. Bad debts are the arrears of members who move out still owing money to the Co-op. The Board of Directors may take any action it sees fit in order to collect any outstanding debts to the co-op including using collection agencies and small claims court. 

  2. At the end of the fiscal year, any debt older than six months will be written off but
    remain collectible by the co-op.


  1. This policy applies only to cats and dogs.  Rodents, reptiles and other exotic pets are not permitted in the co-op.

  2. Members are responsible for any pets that may be visiting.  Visiting pets shall conform
    to this policy excluding items concerning sterilization and registration.


  1. Stoop and Scoop.  Every pet owner shall clean up, IMMEDIATELY, any excrement that their pet may leave on Co-op property.

  2. Pet owners are responsible for repairs of any damage caused by their pet to the property of the Co-op or of another resident.

  3. Pet owners shall control their pet to prevent any unnecessary noise that disturbs other residents


  1. All pets shall be leashed (max. 10 feet, cats included) when on communal cooperative property

  2. Pets may not be left unattended outside the resident's unit

  3. Pet owners shall abide by all city by-laws and/or ordinances regarding control of pets.

  4. The Humane Society-Animal Control will be called in to deal with any stray pet foundwandering loose.

  5. Pets known to be vicious or dangerous may not be kept within the Co-op.

  6. Pets shall not be allowed in children's play areas.

  7. Pets may not be attached to trees, lamp posts, door handles, buildings, or other such items. Only a corkscrew tieout stake will be acceptable.


All pets shall be sterilized at the appropriate age (8 months) and a certificate of sterilization signed by a Vet must be provided to the Co-op.


  1. All pets shall be registered with the Co-op.

  2. A one-time $10.00 registration fee shall be charged to each owner at the time of registration of the pet for administration purposes.

  3. The pet owner shall register their pet with the Co-op providing the following information:
    • Type of pet
    • Name (if any)
    • Age
    • Description - photograph to be taken by staff
    • License number (where applicable)
    • Copy of the Certificate of Sterilization and Inoculation

  4. An updated Certificate of Inoculation shall be provided ANNUALLY to the Co-op


Pet owners shall protect their pet against parasites (including flies) and other diseases.


Each housing unit is permitted one pet only, provided that no violations have taken place.  Approval for more than one pet must be taken to the Standing Rules Committee.


A pet shall not exceed 16 inches in height at its back, when full grown, without special written permission from the Board of Directors.


All complaints received are handled by the Standing Rules Committee, at their next meeting.

First offense: Cautionary letter and record of violation.
Second offense: Cautionary letter and second record of violation.
Third offense: Letter requesting the member attend a Standing Rules Committee meeting
Any additional offenses: The Standing Rules Committee will forward it to the Board of Directors.